Sunday, March 23, 2014

Big doubts about going

The first challenge in riding the Silk Road with Tour d'Afrique is deciding to go.  I have largely been been presuming I'd go, but waiting for the payment deadline - Apr 9.

Last week, after returning from a class trip in the UAE and Bahrain, I was hit by a huge wall of Laziness.  Maybe having to be engaged and "on" socially and professionally wiped me out - I don't know.  But I suddenly had little desire to do anything – unpack my bag, do laundry, go to work, clean house, and definitely not ride my bike.  And a moment of terror hit, as I realized the commitment I had so excitedly jumped on.  

Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to get started on new endeavors.  I often dread the beginning of swim season because I simply don't want to get wet.  Now, I'm dreading getting out one of my bikes because I don't want to be cold, and I dread playing with Boston traffic.

But this is all temporary. For now, I have time.  I still have a ton to do to finish out my grad school degree this semester, and I imagine when the weather finally warms up, I won't be able to stand to do anything but be outside on my bike.  In the meantime, I reckon I'll stick to my guns and my conviction that this is the trip for me, even if now I'm a little bit scared and nervous about the whole thing.

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