Friday, March 28, 2014

Bought a Salsa Vaya

The decision to go has gone like this...

1 day, I'll be "Yeah yeah yeah!  Let's go!"  The next day, I'm picturing navigating the most arduous, monstrous jeep trails on skinny tires at 2mph, stranded, alone, in the dark, uphill both ways.  I picture being attacked by wild dogs and packs of angry 'Stanians. I even dreamed one night about being stuck in a town east of Istanbul, surrounded by 30 heckling children, and then realizing (in the dream) that I was supposed to be in China yesterday.   And how would I get there!?

It very much feels like the anxiety that keeps you from falling asleep the night before a big race or event.  I think the anxiety has been greater because I have not committed ($$) fully to the tour yet, but am having to project what might happen in the future in order to close on the decision for myself.

But then I ran into the Salsa Vaya (2012).  That bike just feels steady freddy (but not too slow).  I forget that I do actually know how to cycle (easy to forget these things over the winter).  And taking the Vaya around the block in not-cold weather just feels lovely.

The bike is orange.

So now that I have a new bike, I reckon I'm going on this trip!  (And didn't I know that all along?  "You were so scared of the monster at the end of the book!")  I'm pooling my funds for the trip into an account; I reckon I'll be writing a fat check in the next week or so.

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